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IT'S AN OPERA RAVE!! [19 Sep 2015|04:00am]
[ mood | amused ]

SigX! The fresh maker.

Because everyone just has to know when my birthday is and what I'm currently listening to. :D


The layout will look screwed in anything else. SRYZ

[08 Feb 2012|08:55am]
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[17 Dec 2005|11:46am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I spilt water ( a lot of it actually) on my keyboard. YES! I am a GENIUS.

We're going to my Grandpa's country house today. X_x Running late as usual. My Grandpa's new wife was supposed to be coming but alas she was too sick at the last moment and so she couldn't go. This kinda pisses me off becuase I really want to meet Barbara. x_x; I guess we'll just have to drive up to Paris, TX then.

And oh I'm obsessed with Paradise Kiss. :D

I'm sickly hungry so I'm going to go eat and shut off the PC. Bye guys. :D

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Tummy aches [28 Nov 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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My life is boring. I might go to Germany or France next year.
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aAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha [29 Sep 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | amused, greatly ]

Allyson0226: someone just put a link to kaiba buys the company in 4chan IRC

Auto response from Yugi Bunni: OMFG IDLE?!

Allyson0226: XD
Allyson0226: oh no Idle now you cannot get my message of funny
Yugi Bunni: omg
Yugi Bunni: did you tell them your firend made that ?XD
Allyson0226: yes
Allyson0226: rofl
Yugi Bunni: so awesome
Yugi Bunni: xDDD that roks my socks in the most awesome ways
Allyson0226: http://kaibabuysthecompany.ytmnd.com/
oh my god
that ytmnd
was made by one if my friends
no I'm serious
Allyson0226: what a fag!
Allyson0226: XD
Yugi Bunni: LOL
Yugi Bunni: DUDE
Yugi Bunni: is they still there?
Allyson0226: no they left
Allyson0226: : (
Yugi Bunni: Damn
Yugi Bunni: the fag
Allyson0226: ;( * Sneikaru has quit IRC (Quit: Female till Sunday)
Yugi Bunni: LOL I SHOULD PUT "HI ALLYSON" on the profile xD
Yugi Bunni: LOL someoen anmed S-otaku commented on my YTMND XD i wonder if thats them
Yugi Bunni: Seto Kaiba Buys the company! A long running inside joke with me and my friends. The artwork is original and drawn by me for this YTMND-thing. I WANT TO GIVE A "SHOUT OUT" TO ALLYSON FROM 4CHAN, A GREAT FRIEND OF MINE. YO YO YO ALLERZ, WUDAP GIRLIE? :P



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I LIVE [25 Sep 2005|03:26am]
[ mood | weird ]

Well, the storm has passed. :) We got on the weak end which is good. The only thing we really experienced was a lot of wind and rain. Mainly light rain and light winds (though sometimes we got some harsh wind and some heavy rain). The damage that I can see so far is mainly a shingle that flew off our roof and is lying in the yard. :) And the "ABC FURNITURE" store across the street's giant sign bent sideways. O_o;

So~ during the storm my mom went outside to smoke (ha ha, during rita we were all over the outside, it was much cooler with 30 mile an hour winds. :D). I went outside too when she said this big blond dog that has been hanging around our street was huddled, scared, against our fence. And of course me being the bleeding heart I am was like "OMFG LET HIM IN THE YARD HE MUST BE SO SCARED" so we opened the gate and he wouldn't come into the yard( he was afraid of us) and so I went outside and talked to him to coax him into the yard. LOL It was funny. My mom said that with my hair (which is long, to my knees) flipping around in the wind I must have looked like a goddess or angel to the dog. XD It was funny though at one point after I coaxed the dog into the yard and was betting his drenched cold head that my hair flapped around in the wind and got stuck to his face. xD So, I went and got food for the dog and put it under the porch so he would eat and of course I got really wet from all the rain. XD So then the dog wouldn't leave me alone and kept following me around. even now when he sees me he jumps right up beside me and doesn't leave my side. XD hes such a giant sweet good and well trained dog. He obeys my commands more than my dogs do! He's really really sweet and hes huge. O_o when he stands on his hind legs he comes up to my height and im 5ft 4! oo; So I named him "Joey" after Joey from YGO because he's silly and dopey sometimes and just reeks of Joey Wheeler attitude! :D That and I can go around and call myself Serenity! :D:D but he's a doll and I call him "Big Boo" more than Joey because Boo is a name I use for all my dogs. (Tenchi: Boo, Terry: Boo-Boo, Joey: Big Boo) Boy I love animals. :D we're gonna try and find his owner by posting up some "Found dog" signs. I hope he doesn't belong to my neighbors though, they eat dogs. Those disgusting cavemen. :'(

Neee, so we are still without AC since of course, it died before the Hurricane blew through and our AC repairman had already left town. So this sucks and who knows when he'll get back and of course my grandma thinks he cheated us out because he just came over not too long ago (a few weeks?) And FIXED OUT AC WHEN IT BROKE and now suddenly the thing he fixed (bought new something or nother) BROKE. hmmmm Susssspiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccciousssss. [/bloo] So Im very hot right now with two fans blowing on me at once. :(

We lost power for a while last night too. From about 3ish in the morning to about sometime at 7 in the morning. I remember being asleep and then suddenly waking up because my radio stopped suppling my Gankutsuou music to my ears while sleeping. Boy that was a hard time getting back to sleep. e.e Hot, Tired, Exhausted, Emotionally drained AND without Gankutsuou music. IT WAS SO SAD. But then I was awaken around 7ish in the morning with all the electronics coming back to life and then i promptly fell back asleep! :D YAY. I slept a lot for someone in a hurricane. (it was oddly relaxing).

And theres nothing like driving around in the streets a night after a hurricane has blown through and see ALL THE DEAD LIGHT HOUSES. YAY! So much dark, it was so relaxing. :D I LIKE THE DARK.

ehehehe. I <3 Edmond Dant�s! :D HE'S FRICKIN AAWESOME.



So that's it and I'm really tired and I dun wanna think anymore so yeah, you wanna ask me anything about how it all went feel free yo. YO YO YO YO. :D

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shutting down [23 Sep 2005|04:37am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

shutting down the pc soon, see ya'll later. wish me safety!

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ugh [22 Sep 2005|12:58am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay so we're not going to my grandpas. -.-; I guess thats okay.. cuz i dont want to be stuck out there with people I dont know and then stuck on a hill when the tornados break out from the storm when it rolls up. Remnants suck.

im so moving north dammit. and getting a truck --;

Im wishing micha would sign on line so i can stop worrying. Im going to be so angry if she doesnt sign on and we have to leave and i never see her because I DIE.

But i think "if it gets bad" as my family keeps saying, we're going to my cousin's uncle;s house. REGARDLESS OF THE FACT HES IN AN APPARENT FLOOD ZONE? I DUNNO? Whatever. I cant save my most important items and im getting to where i'll just cry and die inside.

I wish micha would get on im so pissed off right now. how could she not get on?!!? OF ALL THE TIMES.

just whatever.

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Hurricane Rita [21 Sep 2005|09:58am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So, I was pretty surprised when my mom made a comment about Hurricane Rita the other day (was it satuday or sunday? one of those days.). My 1st reaction was "Omg we are already on R? WTF I have been out of touch with the weather channel for too long!" then my second thought was "Hey, Hurricane Rita... Rita...Repulsa! HURRICANE RITA REPLUSA LMAO" then at last my final thought was "......................omfg this isn't good".

So I've been keeping tabs on the news since about Monday when I found out and watched as it progressed over Florida from a Tropical storm to a Cat1 to a Cat2 and then today I check the news and bam its a cat4. Wow. It's like Katrina but for the Texans this time! I feel REALLY sorry for the New Orleans people who just moved here from there and suddenly they're gonna loose everything again in another hurricane. This is exactly the reason why I want to move farther inland. Sure I love the ocean and the beach and I love Houston but Hurricanes are freaking CRAZY (yet so amazingly beautiful) things and I just don't like em. If I don't live somewhere in the northwest or something I'll just hightail it to another country. :/ I'm realllly loving France. :D As far as I know they don't get hurricanes. ;D

But I digress. Today is hectic. I went to sleep late last night (almost 3:30 am) because I was hoping my best friend would sign back on AIM (she got kicked off). She didn't and finally I was too tired and so I crashed because I have to get up at 7:45 when my mom leaves for work in the mornings. ~_~; So I'm asleep and I fall asleep and I actually DON'T HAVE TROUBLE GETTING TO SLEEP FOR ONCE (that's it, from now on "Gankutsuou OST- We Were Lovers" is my bedtime song.) and I sleep through the night only waking up here and there for a moment to sleepily look at the clock and look around to see whats going on. So then anyway, I'm sleeping. I'm getting good sleep and as far as I can remember I'm probably dreaming though I don't know what of. ~_~; So then I start hearing my name being called and I finally wake up to find its 7:40 am and my mom is on the other side of my door yelling for me. ~_~ Apparently my dog rolled in something foul.


So I opened my door cuz i didnt know what was going on and the dog freaking runs into my room and crawls under my bed and im like OMFG NOOoooooooooooooooooo. So now Im trying to coax the dog out of under the bed and It's not working. ALl the while my room is starting to reak from the stench of dead animals my dog has been rolling in. ~_~; So finally, after much hardness and strife I manage to get the dog out by leaving my room, turning off the light and shutting the door so he would come out. (Terry (dog) = doesnt like bieng left alone in dark shut rooms) So hes out and my room smells and my mom leaves for work and I begin the lovely task of bathing my dog in the bathtub at 8 am in the morning while listening to the freaking news for information and updates on Hurricane Repulsa. ~_~;

So now Terry is all clean and smells semi nicely (I used my shampoo/conditioner in one on him he should ~_~+). Ive eaten my breakfast and watched the news and then my mom calls. ~.~ She says she was on the freeway with my cousin's mom (her cousin, they work together at the same place so they carpool), and there's freaking MILITARY CONVOYS driving about. She said on the phone that seeing those conveys made the whole thing "hit home". So she gets to work and they tell her shes getting I think tomorrow off and Friday. ~_~ Because of the hurricane. So she tells me to bathe Tenchi (Our older, bigger dog.) so he can go with us in our car to my grandpas. THIS IS GOING TO BE UBER AMOUNTS OF FUN. ~_~; The dog is old, heavy and doesnt like baths. ~_________~ AND IM DOING IT ALONE. I'm going to wake up my bro and make him help me. ~_~;

So anyway. Today I get to bathe Tenchi, wash the dishes, finish the laundry, get my brother to fold the already dried laundry. ~_~ Finish moving around the bowls of ice in the ice box and fill up containers with water. THEN I get to start worrying about what i'm going to take with me when we leave. ~_~; I hope we can make it back for some trips because i dunno what all i can take.

This is basicly the most important things Im worrying about taking in the 1st draft of stuff we can take with us when we leave:

- My Computer Tower and my Brothers computer tower. I have unreplaceable stuff on these computers so they are going with me.
- My CDs, unreplaceable stuff on these CDs.
- My paperwork (might have to come back for most of these, but a good amount will come with me). I cant loose this stuff. Ive had novels Ive been writing since iwas a fucking 12 year old in some of these boxes. I NEED Them as they will be my future.
- important objects I hold dear. Short list of examples: My Malik scroll, my gifts from Micha, my egyptian decorations.
- Art supplies because I'm gonna have alot of drawing to do. ~_~;

I told my grandma to rent a uhaul but she said no! I said lets get a truck but they said its not gonna hit! NO ONE FUCKING LISTENS TO ME BECAUSE APPARENTLY TO THEM I'M STILL "JUST A KID" WHEN IM FUCKING 22 YEARS OLD. I seriously wish I had a truck so I could freaking pile in more stuff to take, put the dogs in the truck with me and go. -.-; If i loose my stuff I'm going to move in with Micha, she already said I could live with her. >.<;

So anyway, you might be wondering exactly where we are going? We are going up to my grandfather's house in Marque (can't spell that haha), Texas. He lives out in the country and he never actually uses his house anymore. Well technically he lives in Paris, Texas with his new wife and his house in the country lays empty for the most of the time. So me, my mom, my brother, my grandmother and my uncle's sister Ella and her two grandkids (my grand cousin...? I think) are all going to pile in our cars and go to the same place. I hope that it will be enough room for all of us there. There's 3 bedrooms: My Grandpa's room, and the two guest rooms + The living room and if im not mistaken a airmatress. We go up there every christmas for Xmas time with all the family. :) it will be nice to be up there though without SOME FAMILY there. :D You dont have to know what im talking about because i know who im talking about and its relaxing to get to stay in the "GRANDKIDS HOUSE". -.- I never get to go there.


POINT.IS. I wanna save as much stuff of mine as I can so i better start my chores and get to packing. Im gonna miss anytihng we loose but I kinda doubt im gonna loose anything. I'm really hoping the house is going to stay up. I mean, its a trailor (double wide), so itcould suffer winddamage, but im feelin' it'll survive, if all goes well.

Its the looters im afraid of

and our neighborhood is full of low-lifes if you know what i mean. >.>

I dont want to be looted. ;3;

I think my mom said we can take the PCs with us and hook them up at my grandpas. I'll most likely be using aol though, so if I do manage to get online It'll be with dial up. ~_~ If not then I just wont be online for a few days. This really sucks. I hope micha gets on tonight because when she does im gonna want her phone number so i can try and call her or she can call me or something. I'm going to be sad if I cant talk to her. ~_~;

well gotta go, stuff to do!!

Note to self: Ask mom to take me to store for head phones and make CD of music to listen to while away from PC. >.< MUST HAVE GANKUTUSOU.

hehe, I just realised that while im gone I'll totally be able to draw that poster of Edmond I wanted to draw. ~_~ Yatta.

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Boredom [20 Sep 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. books:
    I like to read books as well as write them. :)
  2. drawing:
    I'm an artist and I draw alot. :P So of course this is an interest/lifestyle for me.
  3. ford trucks:
    I looooooooooves Ford Trucks. I want one so bad. :<
  4. hockey:
    24 SCORE!!!
  5. medieval stuff:
    I love anything to do with the medieval time period. :D
  6. osiris:
    OSIRIS LOVES YOU!!! And I love Osiris. <333 He is the best. :D He is a good God! <3 *huggles papa*
  7. robbie rotten:
    OH OH OH Robbie Rotten from Lazytown KICKS ASSES. :( I <3 Him.
  8. super dollfie 13:
    Dollfies are really awesome dolls. I love the SD13s and I want one. >:(
  9. ufo catchers:
    I love UFO catcher machines. O_O; If I could have one in my bedroom I'd play it everyday. o_o;
  10. yugioh:
    I love YGO. 'nuff said.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

I'm procrastinating because it's boring. :
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-dork- [19 Sep 2005|11:27am]
[ mood | amused ]

B: XD HOW fast is it sending?!
Rina: like this
Rina: .
Rina: ...
Rina: .....
Rina: ........
Rina: .
Rina: .
Rina: ..
Rina: .
Rina: ....
Rina: ......
Rina: xDDDD

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well shit [06 Sep 2005|02:46am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Read more...Collapse )

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[02 Sep 2005|11:35am]
[ mood | tired ]


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Tired and Miserable. [01 Sep 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | hot, tired ]

Well I'm tired and miserable. Our AC burnt up today and so now out house is boiling hot. And in the middle of Texas summer no less! Wonderful, isn't it? It's going to be like 90 degrees tomorrow.

God im so tired. *big ass yawn* x_X

My birthday is tuesday (the 6th) and ill be 22. NOT HAPPY. I wish my best friend would get on soon so I can go to bed. x.x

sooo... tired... and hot...

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Ochibicon Con Report [18 Aug 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Note: This post was actually written up on Aug. 10, 2005 shortly after the end of the convention. This is why you will see such words as "last week" and "on last monday" even though the con has been over for more than a week+ now.

So lets see. Over all the convention was really good, better than I thought it would be. The trip itself was really awesome, I'm totally happy it went off and we all got to hang out. Now for some detailed discussion.

1st off here's a list of swag I got over the weekend. I'll try and post pictures of my stuff later and a better list incase I miss something.

Swag from the convention:
.hack//sign plushie of the ky00t kitty
A mini Totoro (Blue) plushie that when you pull it's string it wiggles
A catbus plushie that sticks on windows (and has testicals o-o) w/ a totoro on its back
2 boxes of Pocky (STrawberry and chocolate). Both gone. *sob*
2 Tenchi comics based on the Tenchi Muyo in love movie
3 Keychains: Sesshoumaru, Ryoko and Shippou
1 Tenchi Muyo glass-coffee cup thing. ^O^
- I might have got more but i cant remember. I'll go through and find out tomorrow.

Swag from Planet Anime newly renamed Anime Avelon (gay):
1 Tenchi Muyo "Daughter of Darkness' Pencil Board
1 fucking rare ANGELIQUE pencil board - gift for my friend Miko. <3
1 Lupin III movie wall scroll in the clearence bin for 3 dollars. :D
1 White Gundam Marker (Thought it was black -.-).
1 Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha scroll. Sexy Sesshy pic is mine!!
1 One Piece Manga (gift for bro)
1 back issue of Shounen Jump (gift for bro)
- I might have got more but i cant remember. I'll go through and find out tomorrow [again].

Swag from the Musuem:
1 translation of a copy of the book of the dead called "Egyptian Book of the dead", pretty good so far
1 lil container of several lil pewter statues about a pinky-finger tall; Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Bast (kitty form), Horus and I think thats it.

Gift Swag from Micha:
1 BEAUTIFUL ISIS WALL ORNAMENT for hanging keys (or Ankhs ^_~) on. <3
1 box of real nifty "fortune telling" type things based on Isis and Egyptian stuff <3
1 cute ankh necklace that came part of the "fortune telling" box of Isis stuff <3
1 container of lipgloss called "Isis" <33333333
1 3-day pass to O-chibi-con 2005 paid for by my best friend herself

Gift Swag I gave to others:
1 stack of Aizen art doodles for Micha
1 picture I drew for Dannette's bday
2 cute headbands for Micha
1 kawaii Kitty thingy (gift from mom to me and micha ( I got one too) for our house one day)
1 lil package of Lemon incense w/ a butterfly holder
1 butterfly shapped notepad and pencil
1 cute bag w/ butterfly stickers all over it
1 kawaii butterfly wallet <3
1 page of doodle in Micha, Dannette and Amy's sketchbooks each.
And I gave micha back her Tshirt she left here 2 years ago! XD

Now on to the Con Report!

Ochibicon Con ReportCollapse )

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y h3l0 thar [18 Aug 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey! 1st entry!

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